Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You kill the Jo', you make some mo'

Terry Tate, the office linebacker educates a coworker on coffee pot ettiquite.  If you haven't heard of Terry Tate, you DEFINITELY want to watch these videos:  Terry Tate Office Linebacker   Terry Tate: Reading Is Fundamental

"Playin' hurt?  Baby that don't phase me.  I don't got time for pain.  The only pain I got time for is the pain I put on fools who don't know what time it is."
- Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

This one is taken pretty much straight out of the first Terry Tate video, so it's not all that creative.  If you look closely at that first video, you can see that they actually already had a coffee pot sign, back in 2002!

"Don't be a drip...Make a new pot!"

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